Brad Feld


Follow Your Different™ – Episode 175 The Startup Community Way w/ Brad Feld July 31, 2020

Brad Feld has a new book called The Startup Community Way. We have wide-ranging conversations from C19, making sense of this time of hyper change complex adaptive systems, the future of startups Silicon Valley and work, and why Brad is not leaving his house. Pay special attention to Brad’s thoughts on how to deal with an unpredicted situation and where it can feel like we have a lot less control.

Endeavor Presents: Leading Through Crisis featuring Brad Feld and Chris Schroeder July 20, 2020

In this strategy session, longtime Endeavor Mentor Chris Schroeder interviews Techstars Co-founder and Foundry Group Managing Director Brad Feld. Not only has Brad authored the most authoritative playbook today for entrepreneurs seeking VC funding, but he has over a decade of experience mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them navigate through crises.