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Entrepreneurs Dislike Signaling; VCs Dislike Free Riders

Sep 08 2010
I was thinking more about my post from yesterday titled Addressing The VC Seed Investor Signaling Problem.  There were a bunch of good comments that caused me to realize that I wrote the post from the perspective of a VC, not an entrepreneur.  As I mulled the comments over, I realized something very specific. If […]
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A Random Hodgepodge of Daily Reading

Aug 16 2009
Tired of the health care debate?  There’s a ton of other great stuff out there today.  Here’s some of the things I came across on my Sunday morning pre-run scan of all things web. A Laser Strike at the Galactic Center: I like to learn at least one new thing every day.  The Astronomy Picture […]
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The Knives Your Sales People Should Have

Jan 19 2009
In December, I wrote a post titled Give Your Sales People All The Knives.  While I let you draw whatever conclusions you wanted from the post, I thought I’d follow through and give you a little more detail about what I meant by the statement. I framed the problem with the struggle many software companies […]
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A Rant on VCs, Financial Models, and Experience

Dec 27 2007
I love a good rant.  I got one several months ago from Janet Stites in reaction to a post I wrote about financial projections.  I asked her if I could publish it and she said "yup."  Here it is.  Janet’s thoughts are her own and come from her experience, but I thought her perspective on […]
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GAAP and the Revenge of the Accountants

Apr 25 2007
Bill Burnham has an excellent rant up on GAAP accounting titled Is It Just Me or is GAAP Completely Broken?  In case you don’t know, GAAP stands for “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” and is a term regularly thrown around when staring at an income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, or any other “supplemental information.” I’m not […]
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Lack of Focus

Jul 18 2006
As the stock market continues to flounder around (mostly the wrong direction) and some people in the middle east continue to try to destroy each other, I woke up this morning pondering failure.  I thought of another “classical entrepreneurial lesson” that we made at Martingale Software – lack of focus. When we started Martingale Software […]
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Do Restarts Have A Negative Overhang?

Jan 16 2006
Following is a question that I got from a reader of this blog on Friday.  “I have wondered about the dynamics of a restart company and how it affects employees, options and the dynamics between existing money and new money. My company took about 30MM during the boom years, did not get anywhere, and there was a […]
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Two Last Things On Assumption of Stock Options

Jan 02 2006
In our previous post – which started to get long and unwieldy (ah – the need for an editor – where are those guys when you need them) – we didn’t cover two critical issues: (1) What happens if the acquisition is in cash vs. public stock vs. private stock, and (2) Who pays for […]
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Letter of Intent: Structure of a Deal

Oct 16 2005
Jason and I have engaged in a little foreplay with you in our Letter of Intent series.  While you might think the length of time that has passed since my last post is excessive, it’s often the length of time that passes between the first overture and an actual LOI (although there are plenty of situations […]
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Financial Fitness for Entrepreneurs

Jul 26 2004
I thought I’d give you a break from the DNC coverage in the blogosphere (and everywhere else). I wrote the following article on “financial fitness for entrepreneurs” last year for the Kauffman Foundation’s Entreworld web site so it’s reasonably fresh; I got a lot of positive feedback and it ended up in USA Today. It’s […]
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