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False Reassurance

Jan 27 2021
The Covid crisis has generated an extraordinary amount of what I like to call “false reassurance.” Consider how many times you heard something general like the following some time in 2020. Everything is going to be ok. We will get through this pandemic. Things will go back to normal. You’ll look back on this as […]
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Q320 Vacation and Books

Aug 24 2020
Every quarter I try to take a week completely off the grid. It’s a cold reboot for me, not simply a Ctrl-Alt-Del type thing. I started doing this in 2000 and it took me about four years to learn how to just turn off the switch completely for a week and then turn it back […]
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Book and Podcast Suggestions for This Weekend

Jul 31 2020
The week after George Floyd was murdered, I decided to read a book a week by a Black author. I went online and found a bunch of lists that had popped up. I bought about 25 books, all in physical form, and piled them up on my reading table near my couch. On Saturdays, my […]
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Contemporary Mentors

Jul 05 2020
The phrase “contemporary mentors” popped into my head on loop number six of eight on my morning run. I’m training for a Covid marathon, which is 27 loops around my property. My pace is tentative as I’m still gearing up after a long break due to a back injury, but I’m letting the miles and […]
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Book: It’s About Damn Time

Jun 12 2020
My digital sabbaths are often running, reading, and napping days. That’s tomorrow for me as I’m feeling fried from another week. I’ve ordered (and received) most of the books from the NY Times Antiracist reading list along with a number of other recommendations. Most are physical books and will be my digital sabbath reading this […]
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Supporting the Zane Access Inaugural Pre-Capital Program Cohort

Jun 11 2020
On Monday, June 1st, I told Amy that I wanted to engage deeply in helping eliminate racism in the United States. I’ve been involved in gender inequity issues since I joined the National Center for Women & Information Technology board in 2005 shortly after it was formed. 15 years later, I’ve learned an enormous amount […]
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The Dystopian Future

Nov 28 2019
Amy and I have been watching The Handmade’s Tale. Simultaneously, I’ve been listening to the book on Audible while running. Last night I said, “The Hulu adaptation of the book is really good.” And then we both grimaced, as we’ve each commented many times over the past week about how incredibly bleak the show is. […]
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Feld/Cohen Book Events at Barnes & Noble Boulder and Denver

Oct 08 2019
David Cohen and I are doing a public event in Boulder this Friday 10/11 and one in Denver next Thursday 10/17 around our new book Do More Faster: Techstars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup, 2nd Edition. These are happening at the Barnes & Noble stores listed below. 10/11: Friday @ 4pm: B&N Boulder: Crossroads Commons2999 […]
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Midlife and the Great Unknown

Aug 30 2019
I don’t know whether it was Jerry Colonna or my therapist who recommended this to me, but I listened to David Whyte’s Midlife and the Great Unknown yesterday on my evening run. As part of my acceptance of midlife, which I define as the transition into the stage where you know you have fewer days […]
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