New Blog Design

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a new blog design, as do my partners Jason Mendelson, Ryan McIntyre, and Seth Levine.  Every year or so I get bored of my blog design and we go through a nice little upgrade.  Our good friends at Slice of Lime do all the design work and Ross (our IT guy) wrangles everything. 

We’re still changing some stuff, but if you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, please leave comments so I can tune things up.

  • Brad, great design! Very slick looking.

  • Looks great (as always) and functional as well! Slice of Lime delivers again. I like it.

  • Nice, clean design. Not so sure about the 'related posts'……they all date back to 2005/6…..trip down memory lane?

  • Looks good! Love the mountains.

  • Hmm – good catch on Related posts.  This might be because of the category but I’ll check it out.

  • much nicer look/feel – and it jives with the foundry color scheme i notice. slice of lime = good stuff.

  • Clean and easily navigable!

  • umm. . . is there something i need to know about?

    • Awww – were you lonely?  I just fixed it.

  • I dig the new design. Good work.

  • much much nicer than the previous one. great job.

  • Very nice! simple and effective. And I like it cause it loads faster now.

  • Clean and powdery, like a fresh Colorado, snow-capped mountain.

  • Who picked the colors? Looks like Halloween.

  • looks great brad!

  • Clean design, very effective but I would go with Verdana for the post body or increase it with 1 px.

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