Brad Feld


An Intimate Conversation with Brad Feld

An Intimate Conversation with Brad Feld - Brad shares his own views on what it means to be a free spirit. What it means to be a disruptor and how every entrepreneur has lessons to learn from this book. The session is also an intimate look at Feld’s own career, as he weaves his own challenges and triumphs into the story of Nietzsche.

Below the Line with James Beshara #117 — Continuing to Evolve as an Investor — Brad Feld

In todays episode, James and Brad, talk about a childhood experience with his dad that introduced him to the tech world. Brad also explains the journey of selling his first company to now running a huge VC fund. A major part of todays episode is Mental Health and the stigma around it among entrepreneurs. To conclude the episode, Brad speaks about his quarterly disconnects from business and how it benefits the rest of his year and relationships.

Brad Feld on Nietzsche for creators

Eliot Peper interviewed Brad Feld about his new book that explores the implications of Nietzsche's ideas for entrepreneurs, artists, and makers—offering an invaluable philosophical toolkit to anyone building something new.