Brad Feld


Amy and I have sponsored or underwritten a number of documentaries. Sometimes we are executive producers, but we mostly want to see documentaries about topics we care about get made.
The Paradise Paradox

An exploration of the mental health crisis affecting America’s mountain towns and the innovative solutions being developed in response.

Afghan Dreamers

Members of the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan struggle to succeed in international competitions while combating their male-dominated culture and the threat of Taliban rule.

My Sister Liv

A rare and riveting journey of raw emotions and fears of a young life on the edge — and ultimately a big sister’s desperate struggle to save her younger sister.

1 in 7

An intimate exploration of the innermost architecture and experience of addiction.

Doctrine of Recovery

Three generations of Tribal women - Casey Camp-Horinek, Crystle Lightning, and Juliet Langley Hayes - speak what has gone unspoken, and unapologetically expose the influence of founding patriarchs and white supremacy in places most never thought to look.


A short animation about mental health


$avvy explores why it’s critical for women to understand and take control of their personal finances.


If you're human, you're biased. Now what? 
Bias challenges us to confront our hidden biases and understand what we risk when we follow our gut.

Pioneers in Skirts

Pioneers in Skirts is a multi-award-winning social impact film about the issues that affect a woman’s pioneering ambition.

For Here or To Go?

An aspiring Indian tech entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley finds himself unexpectedly 
battling the bizarre American immigration system to keep his dream alive or prepare to return home forever.