Scenes from Legitimate Front’s Album Release Concert

I’m crazy proud of my partners Jason Mendelson and Ryan McIntyre for their band Legitimate Front. In addition to being VCs, we each have a creative outlet that is super important to us. Mine is writing books; their’s is creating awesome music.

In August, their released the first album from their new band Legitimate Front. The idea of staying up until midnight on a Saturday night at The Fox Theater in Boulder is an odd thing for me, but I showed up and rocked out with them. And was totally, and completely, blown away.

Two of our old partners from Mobius Venture Capital – Greg Galanas and Carl Rosendahl – showed up to support them. And our IT Guy – Ross Carlson – made an impressive guest appearance on the sax.

They’ll have more gigs coming up in the future, including a magic top secret one in San Francisco in a few months. Guys – y’all rock.

  • Hey Brad…Congrats. That is awesome. I share Jason and Ryan’s passion. I was a concert pianist at age 16, wrote for film and produced my album in 1996 before I became a serial entrepreneur. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t just stick with music. 🙂 Good to see you guys having fun and doing what you love…best, Brian

  • Love how they recognize one of their passions, pursue it fully and can rock out! We should all be so brave.

    • And YOU did a phenomenal job on the video. I know they appreciate it!

      • Thanks! It was fun going behind the scenes with some rock stars.

  • Nocaster Law Guy

    Shout out to Brad and Guitar Man from Ann Arbor. Very cool.

  • James Mitchell


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