Wear Sunscreen and Use Bitcoin

My long time friend Terry Kawaja (history question – which Colorado-based company was Terry once CFO of) from Luma Partners sent me his latest parody video titled Use Bitcoin. I knew it was a parody of something, but I didn’t remember “Wear Sunscreen” (which I saw when it first came out in the late 1990’s) until I read the liner notes on Terry’s Youtube post.

Both are awesome. But to really grok how awesome Use Bitcoin is, you have to watch Wear Sunscreen first. It follows.

Now – Use Bitcoin.

Count me inspired. And amused.

If you want something serious from Terry, his 20 minute State in the State of Digital Media 2013 is definitely worth watching.

  • I just love the “Wear Sunscreen” video. It had been a while since I last watched it. Interesting link from that video to Bitcoin.

    Thanks for sharing the doc on the state of digital media 2013! Very interesting. On a side note, Slideshare seems to be getting better. Let’s see how LinkedIn works with it…


  • This. Is. Awesome. I remember listening to the Use Sunscreen song on a loop at parties in college. Great sequel.

  • MogulAzam

    Simply Awesome!!!

  • Answer Raindance