The R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator, Powered by Techstars

Yesterday, Techstars launched another accelerator, this time focused entirely on connected devices. The newest accelerator, based in New York City, is called the R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator.

R/GA is part of Interpublic Group of Companies, one of four global ad holding companies, and is the most award-winning agency in the digital world today. R/GA creates advertising and marketing products based in technology and design and has earned countless accolades over the years, including Advertising Age’s “Digital A-List” and “Agencies of the Decade.” They are the force behind the opening title sequence for 1978′s Superman to 2006′s Nike+ platform to 2010′s HBO Go connected device.

The Internet has rapidly expanded beyond desktop, server, laptop, and mobile computers and connected itself to many of the different devices in our everyday life. We’ve been investing in this area since we started Foundry Group in 2007 through our human computer interaction theme and recently added an investment in Dragon Innovation into the mix. It’s super exciting to me to do an accelerator program specifically around connected devices with Techstars.

Founders accepted into the program will have access to the Techstars mentor network and executives from R/GA’s team as well as $120K in funding, co-location space provided by R/GA in NYC, design and development support from talented designers and devs, and the opportunity to pitch to an invite-only launch presentation in Austin at SxSWi and at a demo day for angels and VCs in NYC.

If you’re a founder or startup focused on an innovative idea for a product and/or service in the connected devices space, please consider applying. Applications are open today and due October 11th. Apply now at

  • I have been speaking with an increasing amount of startup founders that are working towards hardware + mobile products and ideas. I’ve seen resistance because of the high cost of entry into the hardware market. Excited to see how this new endeavor helps more smart devices make it to market!

    • [email protected]

      Keith, thanks for the head’s up on the R/GA Accelerator. MessagePetz intends to apply.

      This is the type of boost an awesome solution like ours needs!

  • RBC

    Apologies, as I’m starting to feel like the off-topic king around here – but always one person at the party who has had a little too much to drink and doesn’t stick to the topic! I think you mentioned a few months ago that you’ve gone paperless. I have a little quiet time left this summer and was thinking of making the jump. Does memory serve me right? And what tips do you have?

    • I haven’t used paper for many years. What specific element of paperless are you looking for help with?

      • RBC

        How did you make the transition? Did you scan all your old papers – or store them for a set period and then dump it in recycling? I do a lot of talking on the phone – how do you take notes and organize them afterward?
        Last but not least, are there pain points? What about dealing with other people who are used to paper?

        • 1. I don’t keep any paper.
          2. I don’t take notes.
          3. I don’t worry about others who use paper – I just do it all online.

          • RBC

            I find both Windows and iOS file structures unnecessarily complicated, and things tend to get buried. How do you store docs? and do you do search? Thanks for all the great feedback and am pretty sure I’m going to bit the bullet and do it!

  • Linda Drabik

    That’s fantastic. Posting a plug for a relevant meetup: participants, applicants, and others in NY metro may be interested in the local IoT meetup group, Thanks.


    Hey! You’re invading Gadgeteer’s territory. 🙂

  • Mathieu Gosselin

    Yay! 2 of my previous houses together!