The Worst of Times For Technology

Time for a new Foundry Group video. If you want the backstory, go take a look at the post Foundry Group Announces Major Shift In Investment Strategy. If you just want a break from reality and hopefully a few laughs in the process, enjoy. 

The video has  over 100 easter eggs referring to either portfolio companies of ours or other things in our lives. Some are obvious (like the tshirts), some are very obscure. If you find one, list it in the comments. The best, most obscure one will win a special treat.

The lyrics follow.

Man, things are so hard these days
Tell me about it. I wish we could go back to when things just worked
You know, those old guys don’t know lucky they had it with all their technology 30 and 40 years ago
Y’all, you straight. Let me drop a story on you

I’m king of email, I craft a witty header
Anywhere, any time, life is so much better
Ninety unread emails. Inbox zero, hashtag #FAIL!
Life was better when we licked and stamped our letters

Gonna hit a new club with my favorite homie
Got GPS Satellites watchin’ over me
They got me to the spot, but they were off a block
Life was better when we trusted Rand McNally

Took 28 pictures of my gourmet dinner
I want to post them for all the world to honor
I shared on Instagram. No likes, I got no fans
My life was better with photos made of paper

I need a fact so I do a search on Google
All these results man, are giving me an eyeful
I see Viagra ads, That shit’s for older dads
My life was better using Dewey Decimal

Chorus: These are the worst of times (repeat)

So many videos, I could waste away my years
I’m rockin’ Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake has me in tears
Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, I got no time for you
Life was better with my TV and rabbit ears

Check out my new phone. Global connectivity
3G, 4G, I even got my LTE
So then I phoned my pop But still the damn call dropped
Life was better with faxes and a rotary

I found a website. Amazon, they sell it all!
Silk boxers, gouda cheese, they even got robotic balls
Addicted to “One Click.” Right to my house they ship
Y’all life was better fighting traffic at the shopping mall

I got my choice of every album ever made
iTunes, Spotify, anywhere I want it played
I just can’t choose between, Iron Maiden, Beiber, Sting
Life was better with my vinyl and mix tapes

Chorus: These are the worst of times (repeat)

  • Felix Dashevsky

    LOL. Of many things I noticed, Office Space scenes remain as relevant as always!

    • Indeed they do. We have a longer segment on that – maybe we’ll release it as some point. It was super fun to film. Nothing quite like beating up a fax machine.

      • RBC

        Hahahahaha, great video. please, please please listen to the fan-base and release an extended fax machine scene. Office space is so good it hurts!

  • Colin

    Favorite line is – They even got robotic balls. (sphero)

  • ericmwalker

    Another funny video. One thing I noticed was that your book Venture Deals was conveniently propped next to the phone and not on the book shelf in the scene where Jason was Google searching.

    • Yup – that was one of the subtle ones.

  • Ryan Smith

    It’s just so funny that I recognize so many of the throwbacks…

  • Can we nominate it for an MTV Video Music Award?

    Miley Cirus has some competition, finally!

  • Payless Deli and Meat? I was hoping you leaked the phone number of someone much more important than that. 😉

    • Hah! How about a congressperson?

      • DId I miss a Mark Udall reference?

        This easter egg hunt is the last thing my productivity needed today!

  • Thomas Fox

    Your posts are always the favorite thing in my inbox. Would love to hear the back story on how you guys make these videos – they’re awesome.

  • This is so much fun — hilarious! Especially love the little Eleanor Rigby bit.

  • bradbernthal

    Three that I liked:

    1. Silicon Flatirons shirt (albeit not in mint condition).

    2. Sly product placement for a small west coast startup, Apple. An original Apple II. By the way, I think those guys are onto something. I recommend getting behind them.

    3. Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” homage. Not sure whether you guys are considering a Robert Palmer theme in the portfolio. Maybe in Fund V.

    Lots of laughs in this – congrats to the Foundry team on pulling it off.


    • That Apple II is pretty rocking. You’ll really like my collection that I just gave to MAL at CU –

      • bradbernthal

        I’m headed over to inspect MAL in person — and check for Apple II authenticity — in a few weeks. I look forward to seeing the collection.

    • Sheila Lamont

      Have to agree…Robert Palmer visual was definitely one of the highlights!!

  • What a fantastic video Brad, made my day. It’s so refreshing to see you guys’ sense of humor and confidence to let down the guards – very few people can poke fun at themselves in public. And good job taking the parking spot 🙂

    • That was MY parking spot, damnit. And there was no way they were going to get it.

  • Christina Roberts

    I mentioned this elsewhere, but I laughed at the “Foursquare on the playground” line because I used to play four square on the playground!

  • Susan Hale

    Fitbit Aria Scale. Couldn’t miss it, love mine.

    • But whose toenails were those?

      • Susan Hale

        Hmm, too pretty to be yours. Nicole’s?

  • Can’t quite tell if that’s P.I.E. Writer on the apple 2 but the text seems to be:





    Also enjoyed the fake receipt email from iTunes for the Flux Capacitor app, the Apple ][ reference book. Was the B&W TV a Quasar? Magnavox?

  • Your commitment to the bit is legendary. It does make me wonder though… are we happier? They say there are only marginal improvements to one’s happiness after around $70k per year, maybe there are only marginal improvements to happiness after… 3 devices. It feels like we are moving forward, but we could just be moving downhill. Anyways, I think a well timed solar flare would do wonders for our perspective on things.

  • williamhertling

    I spotted the MakerBot behind Brad’s walking desk, the walking desk, the Sphero.

    It’s awesome!

    • Good catches. Did you see Yoda? And the X-Files poster?

      • williamhertling

        Got Yoda, missed X-Files.

  • Peter Bray

    The reverse lookup on the phone #… 🙂

  • Chris Calder

    Love the office space scene!