Do You Want To Build Robots?

One of the companies I’m an investor in, Modular Robotics, just launched a Kickstarter campaign around its new product MOSS. It’s amazing.

Definitely a “show not tell” so I encourage you to watch the five minute video and then back the MOSS Kickstarter campaign if you, your kids, or your loved ones dig building things.

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  • [email protected]

    This is freaking cool. Robby The Robot is having kittens and I’m backing the campaign 🙂

  • I have a passion for this work, so much fun and how happy you can make things thata his enthusiasm. But I did not pursue it to the end, too hard, hoping that there will be many people who read this information.

  • Modular Robotics is a sponsor of – Looking forward to seeing how the product resonates with a global robotics audience. We’ll have some of the robotic thought leaders there and will focus attention on Modular Robotics.

  • Oh yeah – Dropped a referral for Modular Robotics on our Facebook page – Closing in on 2,000 LIKES – Now growing at close to 1,000 new fans PER DAY –

  • Nikki Braziel

    Backed! One Basic Builder Kit on its way to Octa. Now to convince my partner to upgrade to Advanced… I am already brainstorming all the things I can drive around my office.