Apply to Techstars New York Before New Years Eve

The deadline for applying to Techstars New York for the next program is 11:59:59pm PST on 12/31/13.

I’m extremely excited about the upcoming Techstars New York program. Alex Iskold is the new managing director. I was an angel investor in Alex’s previous company (AdaptiveBlue – also known as GetGlue) and have known and worked with Alex since 2006. Alex has been a Techstars mentor for a while and was extremely active with the most recent New York program. He got totally hooked on Techstars and everyone at Techstars got totally hooked on Alex.

We’ve talked a bunch about the new things that he’ll be doing this year. He’s bringing energy and vision to Techstars New York that is rapidly flowing over all the other Techstars programs. And he’s an incredible learning machine, picking up all the best practices from our ever expanding number of programs – in different cities and with major corporations like Kaplan, Sprint, and Barclays.

It’s time to apply to Techstars New York. But don’t wait until the very last second – Alex and Techstars is going to extend an offer to one team on New Years Eve for the program.

  • Alex is AMAZING and the NYC ecosystem is absolutely lucky to have him. We applied for TS NY and have really high hopes, but no matter whether or not we get in, his guidance (and yes, challenging and probing) has already been massively helpful to the direction we’re taking at AbbeyPost.

    • Fantastic – great to hear it.

  • Ryan

    at what stage are companies too far along to do techstars?

    • We have plenty of companies that have raised a Series A (up to $2m) in the program – so that’s probably the latest that makes sense right now.

      • Ryan

        ah got it. we are about to close series A right now. Seems like with our employee count (20) it might not make sense to move the team to NYC for this. Interesting though…

        • Email me – I’ll connect you with Alex Iskold to discuss.

          • Govinda

            Can we participate? we are in private beta test

          • Absolutely. Just apply.

  • Mircea Dima

    TechStars New York became our favorite since we found out that Alex is the Managing Director. I strongly believe that we can learn allot from him since he has experience building GetGlue which is in the same space as our startup ( ).
    I keep my fingers crossed and hope to get in!
    Happy New Year!