Jerry Colonna and Rand Fishkin Discuss Depression and Entrepreneurship

Jerry Colonna spent a few hours with me and Amy on Saturday at our house. Jerry is one of our closest friends on this planet so any time we get time with him is a treasure for us. It was a cold-ish, snowy, gloomy Colorado early winter day. Amy and I were pretty off-balance due to my blood clot so it was especially nice to be with him as he always helps rebalance us.

We talked some about his new company Reboot. I’m a huge supporter of Jerry’s work – recommending many of the CEOs we work with to him, or his associates, for coaching. I attended a recent CEO Bootcamp as a special guest and it was amazing – I recommend it to every CEO.

Jerry mentioned that the recent Reboot podcasts were doing great and really fun. I noticed this morning that the podcast he did with Rand Fishkin, another close friend, titled #7 Depression and Entrepreneurship – With Jerry Colonna and Rand Fishkin, came out today. So I read the transcript (I can read a lot faster than I can list) and thought it was dynamite.

As usual, Jerry goes deep and intimate – very quickly. So does Rand – total, extreme, full transparency. Enjoy!

  • Faisal Hoque

    Loved the conversation….so relate to it. You may like what I posted this last weekend.

    • Good stuff – thanks for putting it out there and pointing me to it.

  • Excellent podcast, Brad. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Laura Smith

    For anyone suffering from depression, I recommend the system.
    Written by a former depression sufferer, it teaches 7 steps which help to eliminate depression from your life

  • one of of closest friends on this planet


    • Nice catch! Some day I’ll write more about the other planets I hang out on, including Planet Brad.

      • Looking forward to it.

        Listened to the podcast. Great stuff, subscribed, thanks for pointing me to it.

  • Thanks Brad – The old phrase was “lonely at the top” – La plus ca change

  • jamesoliverjr

    Brad, this is really great. Not enough people talk about the depression and anxiety entrepreneurs deal with. We met via Google Hangout while I was going thru the gener8tor accelerator in WI, winter of 2013.

    Things have been really hard for me with WeMontage since getting funded. The only thing I’ve found (other than sales. Ha.) that keeps me centered is meditation.

    I wrote a post on my blog about the pain of being an entrepreneur. I’m sure someone out there can relate to it.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing.

    • Great / brave post. Thanks for sharing.