Desperately Seeking a Solution to Google Hangouts Errors 212, 213, 214, 215, 216

Google Hangouts ErrorI’m a huge Google Hangouts user. It’s typically a multi-day occurrence that I’m on a hangout and one of the devices connected to the mega-video-conferencing setup in my office is a Chromebox.

A few months ago I got Google Hangouts errors intermittently for a few weeks but it magically cleared up. I noticed it again on Sunday and it has been constant on all my computers in multiple locations on different networks.

I’ve tried clearing the cache, logging out, and resetting the browser / computer, which seems to be the only constructive solutions I can find on the web. The other solutions, that are not so constructive, are “wait for a while for it to clear up” and “use something different.”

Strangely, this problem only exists in Chrome. My iOS Hangouts works fine as does my Chromebox.

Does anyone have a clue how to solve this nagging problem? The screen shot I’m getting in Chrome when Gmail is open is on the left.

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  • J franta

    does it work in IE? if so that’s a work around on that pc. you might also try to see if it works in chrome incognito mode w/no extensions (ctrl+shift+n) and if it does go back to regular chrome to chrome://extensions/ and disabling them one by one to find the culprit

    • I’m on a Mac, so no IE. I’ve tried Incognito and Safari – same issues.

      • J franta

        if same in every browser… sounds like it’s not local to you. could verify w/a brand new account. and/or downgrading your hangouts and see if older version works (usually in the hangout plugin drop down, switch back to old hangouts).

  • Sigurdur Gudbrandsson

    Hmm .. my Tech Whisperer [TM] tells me you may have an issue in your computer .. specifically in the network stack.
    Have you tried clearing your DNS cache?

    • Sigurdur Gudbrandsson

      Alternatively, Do you have any helper applications (messaging suites, google widgets, etc) running in your computer? Try disabling those apps if you have them (one at a time)..

      Oh, and I repeat what I said in the e-mail yesterday when we tried to do the hangout – “This is starting to be eerily similar to this scene

  • williamhertling

    I had many problems with Chrome crashing in general, always while using Google apps (Gmail, Docs, Hangouts). It would happen as much as twenty times a day. Deleting all non-essential plugins, and clearing not just cache but old cookies improved things dramatically, and then a few weeks later, the crashes stopped completely. That was ~2 months ago. Now my coworkers are where I was a few months ago. It seems like there is something really weird going around.

    My bet is that it’s a conflict between the sentient AI and the NSA spyware.

  • I can’t put my finger on it, but as if Hangout is wobbling a bit lately.
    I was expecting a call last week, but it rang on the smartphone, not the desktop.
    Then another time, I go to a destination address, but nothing and the originator doesn’t know I’m there.

    • Blake

      yep, had my first crappy hangouts experience yesterday after having used it since it was enabled (& being impressed with its capability). Recurrent video freezes, feedback in the audio, etc. Had to resort to the phone so that I could be understood.

  • Rupen

    Gbridge can cause that problem. Best uninstall all other Google plugins/chrome extensions.

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  • Miguel Vacas

    Hey, Brad. So, some of the things I read around where along the lines of uninstalling the Hangouts extension and re-installing it. Another thing I was thinking was making sure that all video and audio preferences in Chrome are set to the ones you’re using (if you’re using any external devices, i.e. external webcam and microphone). Also, make sure your video and audio cards are up to date, that can cause problems with Chrome at many moments.

    If not… (Attached image)

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Third fail in a week for me on Google Hangout today- see error message, after waiting to join a call that was initiated.
    We ended-up going to Skype.

    • Yeah – I’ve had that one a lot lately also.

  • John Bracaglia

    Hey Brad,

    My name is John Bracaglia, and I am a Googler who happens to read your blog 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well, and apologies regarding your Hangouts experience. It’s frustrating when the technology you rely on fails to load, especially when it has major and tangible effects on your daily work flow.

    I’ve followed up on your issue and will reply with a fix soon!

    Many thanks for your patience. Warm regards,

    • Thanks @johnbracaglia:disqus. Things seem to be working again – I’m not sure if it’s something that Google did or something I did. I approved someone at Google looking at my logs so hopefully that will help figure out what was going on since lots of others seem to have a similar problem.

  • ZekeV

    Google sent me a message recently, which might be relevant:

    Intermittent Google Talk errors
    Hello Administrator,

    We’re enhancing Google Hangouts chat policy features, which requires additional upgrades toGoogle Talk.

    As part of this enhancement process, when sending a message to a Google Talk user, you may see a one-time “did not receive your chat” error. This error occurs:

    Only if one participant is using Google Talk in Google Apps and is subject to a “do not archive” message policy

    Only once in each existing chat conversation

    If you see this error, you can bypass it by sending another message, which should resolve the chat conversation policy.

    Note: This issue may persist for several days following this message.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause and appreciate your patience as we work through these enhancements.

    If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Google support.Sincerely,
    The Google Apps for Work Team

  • Brad – I switched from Chrome to Firefox for all Google Apps including hangouts and my computer is much much happier. Less errors, less CPU usage and more importantly less crashes.

    • Such irony. I sense that I’m pulling Firefox out of the closet soon to give it a try.