Help Me Debug The New Startup Revolution Site

I just pushed out a major update to the Startup Revolution site. This is the URL that I use for all the books I’ve been involved in and all the discussions around the books.

Startup Revolution

Take a look and give me feedback. Special bonus points for finding bugs.

  • Looks good. I wonder if there’s anyway to tweak the search so it pulls up the book titles like these. I think the books are setup as categories could they be included in the search?

    • Great suggestion. On it.

  • Looks good. It would be great if the drop down menus went away after you de-focus. E.g. I click on “All Articles” on the left and it stays there until I click again or click a selection. I’d find it more intuitive for it to go away after I click somewhere else or hover off altogether.

    Oh… and, you need some more current articles 🙂

  • It looks great.. and WordPress too. 😛

    But.. the author field in the dropdown is not pulling results.

    • and, most of that drop-down isn’t working right either. “all authors” isn’t showing much…

  • Daniel Farrell

    Perhaps make the search-function highlight the relevant words and phrases within the articles that I searched for, so rather than seeing the whole article, I can see where what I am looking for IS within the article. Would make for a smoother research process… Regards to Y&H!

  • Possible Bug: When I hover over the book slider it highlights the book and gives me the “eye” in the center which would seem to take you to the store or synopsis or something however it doesn’t do anything. Not sure if that’s working as intended. FWIW I’m on Google Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.124 m) PC. (also at work…so maybe some wacky stuff there, but don’t think so!)

    Edit: It might be my computer because I can’t get any of the flash/javascript stuff to work on that site!

  • Diane Miller

    I could not view a list of books or find a list on the site. I would like to have an intro to the book. Is it intended for people to purchase these books or just comment? I get the book “eye” similar to Christian D.’s comment but that’s it.

    The search engine goes blank on certain words. I did several searches and when I typed MASTER I got a blank page.

    I could not filter the articles by Newest or Author.

    Love what you do Brad…keep it going for us Slow2Startups.

    • Thx for the feedback – on it!

  • Erick Danzer

    Interplay between filters. This is minor, and may even be intentional, but there’s very little interplay between filters. So if I filter articles by “Do More Faster” there is only one post. But if I then check the author archives, it’ll show me that Brad Feld has 87 posts. If I actually select Brad, I get “No Posts Found.” Looks like: That’s presumably because while Brad had 87 posts, none of them are in the category I’m currently viewing.
    – I think this is what John Saddington was reporting as well, but I don’t think he was noticing it was due to having a category filter first, then trying to select by author.

    Missing image on Startup CEO review page? Not sure if there’s supposed to be an image rather than just text link here:

  • Scholars Learning
  • Amazing content, very attractive site. A few suggestions:
    1. I agree with the comment below saying to add a view with all the books and a summary next to them – if you do this vertically I think it’s quite possible. I like the scrolling on the home page – not so much on the second “all books” page – there you should see all the titles and not need to scroll (especially since only 2 are off the screen).
    2. Articles need some sort of topical hierarchy I believe – just too many to navigate through on the main page (and even on the topic/individual book pages). The “card” style view is nice looking but hard to digest with so much content IMHO. If the articles are chapters from the book seeing the equivalent of the table of contents would help.
    3. Pages load slowly – perhaps this is because it’s a beta site and not on the final infrastructure.
    4. Once in a major topic e.g. startup communities – would like to be able to navigate to other topics e.g. Venture deals.

  • Patrick Hidalgo

    The article summaries have different sizes, but I am not sure why. Also, maybe you could add tags to them so that they are navigable.

  • Mackenzie Burnett

    A lot of people have commented on the filters. The reason why this is happening is because you don’t update the endpoint for which you query the backend. So here’s how to fix it – after going ahead and getting a ‘good’ query from the homepage, and comparing it to the category query, we found that you’re not changing the category on new queries, and that’s why it’s breaking. You just need to edit the javascript to change the category query on a filter by filter basis. Jackson walks through the bug here:

    – Mackenzie + Jackson

  • Jon Gillespie-Brown

    Brad, I would ask “what is the outcome” planned for this site. Selling more books, a blog, keeping people informed? It feels like a wordpress blog but when you dig in its snippets of your excellent books i.e. a sales pitch. I have all your books and as a fellow author I understand the need to promote them but i wonder if you could enhance the site so it has some value…like so much of the rest of your content?

    For example some videos with you giving an overview of each book? or other content thats of value i.e. I have a deal to publish up to 10% of the content of each book on my blog? I also have an automated quiz users can play with thats part of the book and forms they can download as pdfs? or maybe its fine as it is…a book promotion site?

    Keep up the great work