Talking At Startup Grind in Denver on 7/30

I’m ending a full day in Denver with a talk about the potential invasion by the Europans at Startup Grind from 6pm – 9pm on 7/30 at Galvanize.

  • will there be snakes?

  • khill

    Well, I’ll be on vacation in Denver, so why not! See you all there.

    • Great. Looking forward to it.

  • I think you might have wanted to say Europeans. Not Europans….

    • I meant Europans. I’m in the middle of reading Armada.

  • Well now that you mention it, I can see that reference….

  • Derek Andersen


  • Wooo can’t wait!

  • zach m

    when i got home i watched one episode of halt and catch fire. then i watched 4 more episode thanks