Why This Labor Day Weekend Is So Important

I like Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend a lot. They are my bookends for summer and kick off the official “back to school” fall cycle. I realize that kids are back at school already, but even when I was in school I viewed Labor Day weekend as the official market.

I’m noticing an enormous amount of anxiety in the air. When I reflect on what’s causing it, I suspect some of it is the public market gyrations along with the endless discussion around it. Some of it is the Republican Primary circus and the crazy and apparently unwanted popularity (at least by the Republican establishment) of Donald Trump. Some of it might be that it’s just been really hot outside for a while and it’s time for the cooler, softer tones of fall. And some of it might be all of the construction everywhere, which is at a fevered pitch right now.

I’m in a consistent conversation with a lot of entrepreneurs. “Is my burn rate too high?” “Will I be able to raise the next round?” “Are valuations going to go down?” “What should I do about the coming _fill_in_the_blank?”

Fall is coming. I don’t know what the public markets will do, nor do I know what the private markets will do. But the weather, at least in much of the United States, will cool off and the leaves will turn different colors. And, if 49 years of life on this planet is any guide, there will be an emotional shift from summer to fall.

Let your body, soul, and mind reset this weekend. Turn off the electronics. Don’t try to “catch up” before things get crazy. Watch a movie with your sweetie. Eat some ice cream. Sleep late. Go for a long walk in the mountains somewhere. Read a book. Take another nap. Have a long, slow dinner. Play with your dogs. Or do whatever you like to do to relax.

The fall is always intensely busy. Charge up your batteries and get ready for it.

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  • “go for a long walk in the mountains…”

    I’m taking a long ride on the bike. No electronics, no AC, no radio, no roof – just a big engine, two wheels + me.

  • Sturgis Mustang Rally!

  • conorop

    Thanks for the perspective! Yoga has been as incredibly important aspect in my life, but especially so during a change in season. Breathe in. Acknowledge the change. Breathe out. Accept and appreciate the differences.

    As a bonus, fall is great for big reds and pumpkin beers. 🙂

  • StevenHB

    And watch some tennis!

    Labor Day weekend is US Open (tennis) season.

  • Frank Wood

    It is an amazing thing how the questions that can and do fill our minds as startup owners can lead us to a place where we become overwhelmed … and at other times, these same questions lead us to a place of driven determination. We humans are quite a remarkably fragile creation!

  • Alisha Templeton

    Love this. Bicycling and pool time for me.

  • Chris Smith

    Great post Brad! We go a million miles an hour and this a last chance to recharge for the end of year craziness. Great perspective

  • Yup. My intuition is to buckle your chinstrap with regard to the public markets.

  • Glenn Whitney

    Ask your doctor if Nature is right for you 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf5TgVRGND4

  • DaveJ

    Have a cocktail.

  • Very well said. The mountains are calling.