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My partner Lindel Eakman wrote a post a few days ago about his transition from Austin to Boulder and a really helpful one about how to work with him titled A Human User Interface….with lots of quirksThis prompted me to poke around for other content from the limited partner (LP) side of the LP/VC/entrepreneurship universe.

I think the first LP blogger was Chris Douvos who periodically puts up an instant classic post at Super LP. I fondly remember a meeting with Chris in NY at the end of the day when we were raising our first Foundry Group fund. I was tired and dragging a little from the fundraising, but Chris’ energy and enthusiasm around VC picked me back up in advance of dinner. He didn’t invest in our fund, but he made a strong impression on me.

OpenLP is a new site moderated by the gang at Sapphire Ventures that seems to be a collection of all the LP stuff floating around the web. They are also promoting the idea of an #openlp twitter hashtag. It does appear that they need to work on their SEO so they don’t get confused with Free Open Source Church Worship Presentation Software

The team at Notation Capital is doing a really good podcast with interviews with LPs. Sapphire Ventures is again in the mix as a sponsor and – no surprise – episode 3 is with Chris Douvos.

My current favorite podcast, Harry Stebbings 20 Minute VC, is starting to have some LPs on it, including the omnipresent Chris Douvos and Sapphire Ventures Beezer Clarkson. I sense a pattern.

As I continued poking around, I found a few LP firms hosting blogs on their websites. I never find this as compelling as when an individual LP has their own blog, but it’s better than nothing. A few blogs I found include Top Tier Capital Partners, Weathergate, and Sapphire Ventures (on Medium).

I wish more LPs would blog to help VCs and entrepreneurs understand them better. If you know of any, please leave them in the comments.

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  • Rick Bullotta

    You might have just motivated me to start blogging…time to dust off that Medium account…

  • Toby Eggleston

    Blackbird Ventures are doing a great job down here in Australia

    • Blackbird looks like a VC fund, not an LP. Correct?

      • Chintaka Ranatunga

        Yes Blackbird are a GP (and a great one) not an LP. As a GP in the region I don’t know any Australasian or even SE Asian LPs blogging. Would be interesting to see the difference in views to Sapphire etc

        • You mean Blackbird is a VC firm ran by GPs managing LPs (and probably their own) $$$. The LPs are most likely pension funds, superannuation funds or insurance companies et al.

          I wonder if the lack of LP bloggers is due to “type” of LPs in OZ and SE/A. i.e. high net-worth individual LP is more likely to be blogging then say a superannuation fund.

  • Rick Bullotta
  • Do you consider LPs to be individuals only or can they be groups?

    • They can be either. There is a wide range of types of LPs.

      In my definition, an LP is an “entity” that has invested in a VC fund.

  • Beezer Clarkson

    Agreed. More LPs blogging would be great. Thank you for your thoughts and perspective.

  • I thought your partner Jason made an excellent point about VCs-the good ones are totally transparent so entrepreneurs can research them and see if they are a fit before sending them an email or networking for an introduction. The same point could be made about LPs. Does the LP only invest in early stage small funds? Do they only do larger funds? Do they only do existing funds? Do they do first time funds-if so how many?

  • It looks like I missed the blog from Top Tier Capital Partners –

  • Aakar R Vachhani

    Fairview Capital shares content on and also medium now:

  • I’m hooked on Notation Capital’s origins podcast. It’s packed with fresh quality content and speakers. So far the interviews with Naval Ravikant and Chris Douvos are my favorite. I’ll check out the others you mentioned above – Cheers!

  • I’m hooked on Notation Capital’s origins podcast. It’s packed with fresh quality content and speakers. I’ll check out the others you mentioned above – Cheers!