Occipital’s Bridge Delivers Full Mixed Reality On An iPhone

At Foundry Group, we always look for companies that we think build magic into their products. Occipital has been one of those companies. Three years ago, they launched Structure Sensor, which pioneered bringing dense 3D sensing to mobile devices (and it’s only just now that are we seeing some of the world’s biggest tech companies catching up by launching similar technology to consumers).

Since that launch three years ago, the team at Occipital has been quietly at work on their next product. Today, they’re announcing Bridge.

Bridge is a headset for iPhone. But it’s different than much of what we’ve experienced so far in mobile VR. Once again, Occipital is a pioneer by launching a headset that brings not just one, but two of the most anticipated experiential mediums to developers well before anyone else.

Bridge uses Occipital’s Structure Sensor to add inside-out positional tracking to mobile VR. That means you can actually walk around, not just look around. They’re also bringing obstacle avoidance, a feature that automatically brings real world objects into view as users are exploring virtual worlds.

More significantly, however, is that Bridge brings immersive mixed reality to a mobile headset.. Using Structure Sensor to both map the user’s environment, as well as to track user movement against it, Bridge lets virtual content reside in the real world as if it were really there. We believe it is breathtaking to experience.

To see Bridge for yourself, head over to http://bridge.occipital.com.

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  • Jason Randell

    What if they integrated into Pokemon Go?!

    • Mark feld

      Great idea, connect to a failed iOS app that no one plays any more

      • Jason Randell


  • J Sandifer

    Another leap ahead! Wow!

  • Very, very awesome.

  • Ethan Sherbondy

    Hey Brad, do you know if the Occipital folks have a showroom or demo space of some sort at their SF office?

    Going to be in California this week with some coworkers (https://www.cloverfoodlab.com/), have been thinking about some crazy applications in the restaurant/retail space, would love to kick the tires while awaiting the Explorer Edition shipment.

    Ethan Sherbondy
    Systems Engineer
    Clover Food Lab

    • Email me ([email protected]) and I’ll connect you.

      • Ethan Sherbondy

        Thanks for taking the time to reply, it means a lot.

        Managed to schedule a visit this morning, and our team was very impressed by the technology (and forward-thinking aspects of the design).

        Can’t wait for the headset to arrive next week and start building prototypes. Looking forward to 2017 being a breakthrough year for Occipital!

        • Super!

          • Mark feld

            Get a haircut