Bias Documentary

One of the philanthropic activities that Amy and I have been doing is helping fund documentaries around issues that we care about.

A breakout documentary from 2015 was CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. We got to know Robin Hauser, the director and producer, through the process and thought she was awesome.

When she told us last summer about her new documentary called Bias, Amy and I jumped on the opportunity to be the executive producers. The sizzle reel is out and was shown at Mark Suster’s Upfront Summit. Take a look (click through to watch on Vimeo.)

Bias Documentary Sizzle from Finish Line Features, LLC on Vimeo.

  • lynnerae

    Thanks for sharing this, Brad — I also think both Robin, and the documentary work she is doing is awesome, and am also a supporter. BTW, Robin presented CODE+ at the 2016 MITA TechTalks — we screened in on the golf course driving range, sitting in golf carts — probably among the most unique doc screenings!

  • If you have time to reply, I am curious, what were you roles as Executive Producers?

    • Providing money and being fans.

  • I’m actually curious how the investment works. I assume you provide a dollar amount to a production company. What types of returns are you hoping for and how is that structured? I don’t know anything about the production business.

    • For documentaries I make charitable contributions and expect no return.

      • Or perhaps you expect unquantifiable returns into the ether, read karma 🙂