Monthly Match: Planned Parenthood: #istandwithPP

Amy and I have been supporting Planned Parenthood every year since we became a couple in 1990. Today, the House is going to vote on a bill that, among other things, defunds Planned Parenthood. I’m long past my surprise by any of what is coming out of Washington, so instead of being shocked, I’m just continuing to take action on things that are important to me.

So, your Monthly Match team (Fred Wilson, Joanne WilsonAmy Batchelor, Susan Danziger, Albert Wenger and me) is launching this month’s match for Planned Parenthood.

As I read Joanne’s post on this, I thought she said it well.

“Our Government, that is right, our Government that is for the people, is holding a vote today on the American Health Care Act (Obamacare) with the hopes to defund Planned Parenthood (and much more). For those who can not afford healthcare for basic needs such as proactive check-ups, prenatal care, pap smears and more is that the cost to care for those who find themselves ill (or their children) is a bigger drain on our economy than funding organizations like Planned Parenthood. It is wrong not to fund Planned Parenthood and it is shortsighted. I will never understand those who do not believe in being socially responsible for their fellow person.”

At this point, I’m not going to argue with those who disagree with me. Instead, I’m going to encourage those of you who agree with me (and Fred, Joanne, Amy, Susan, and Albert) to join us in our monthly match and help raise at least $60k for Planned Parenthood.

Here is how the monthly match works

  1. Go to our match offer page and click the big Donate button
  2. Select any amount (min is $10) and click the big Donate button again
  3. Enter your payment credentials and click the big Donate button again
  4. Click the big Tweet Your Donation button
  5. Once you have done all of that your donation will automatically be matched
  6. If you don’t have Twitter, forward your email receipt to [email protected]

I hope you will join us in supporting Planned Parenthood on this difficult day for all who care about women’s reproductive health and women’s health more broadly.

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  • My only comment would be that the category here should probably be politics rather than philanthropy.

  • Dean Leffingwell

    Thanks for your leadership Brad. I wouldn’t think there’s much to argue about in simply helping women get access to the healthcare care they need. Becky and I will pitch in as usual.

    • Dean – thank you!

  • StevenHB

    Done. I satisfied a promise to the woman who sent us pussyhats for the women’s march.

  • Tony Ferrendelli

    Done. Great cause and thanks for matching.

  • Debi Sovelet

    What? You are pleased to make sure they keep killing children and sell baby parts? I just cant get past that. Along with millions MORE!

    • Debi Sovelet

      You think Conservatives are WRONG for fighting for the rights of BABIES … something DEMS declare IT IS WHAT THEY DO .. NOT! You never even stop long enough to consider just how MORBID Plan Parenthood is … they dont even plan parenting – THEY KILL IT. You can call ALL the locations across the USA and they OFFER ZERO HELP for PREGNANT WOMEN … its a FARCE. AND what makes it worse is that those who clam they have a HEART actually feel stronger about getting the ability to KILL the kids more than saving them. SEEING those little arms and legs they would pulling apart from that dead babies body like it was PULL PORK.

      There is NO CONSCIENCE in any of you – therefore, there is no GOD. And of there is no GOD then there is EVIL.

  • Debi Sovelet

    I pray you FAIL.