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Board Meeting Slide: What Are We Trying To Get Out of This Section

May 31 2019
I was at a board meeting last week that introduced something new into the mix that I thought was brilliant. At the beginning of each section of the board meeting, there was one slide that was titled: “What Are We Trying To Get Out of This Section.” Before we started into a section, whoever was […]
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Seth Levine’s Designing the Ideal Board Meeting Blog Series

Nov 06 2018
My partner Seth Levine is writing a blog series on Designing the Ideal Board Meeting. Seth and I have each attended over 27,367 board meetings. Ok, I don’t know the actual number, but it’s a lot. We’ve both been on good boards and bad boards. Boards that have helped companies and boards that have sunk companies. Boards […]
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The Full Day Quarterly Board Meeting

Apr 05 2015
I’ve been to a gazillion board meetings. I’ve written a lot about them including a book called Startup Boards: Getting The Most Out of Your Board of Directors and piles of board meetings posts on this blog. I still do a lot of them, but I’ve definitely been on a quest the past few years to […]
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The First Board Meeting

Feb 16 2015
Do you remember your first board meeting? I do. Well, I sort of do, kind of, maybe. Danielle Morrill of Mattermark memorialized her first board meeting on the web in her post Post Series A Life: Reflecting on Our First Board Meeting and What It’s Like Working with Brad. It’s a detailed view of her expectations leading […]
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My Ideal Board Meeting

Feb 07 2014
In my new book, Startup Boards: Getting the Most Out of Your Board of Directors, in addition to decomposing and explaining a lot about the functioning of board meetings, I also describe my ideal board meeting. I had four of them this week. That’s a lot of board meetings in a week, but my weeks […]
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Monthly Financials, Quarterly Board Meetings, Continuous Communications

May 18 2012
I’ve been writing about boards of directors some lately – both changing my behavior as well as thinking out loud as I explore reinventing how boards work for the book “Startup Boards” that I’m working on with Mahendra Ramsinghani. All fit in the context of continuous communications as I believe three things about early stage […]
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Retrospective Addiction Of A Madman Post Board Meeting

Feb 21 2012
I love getting post board meeting emails that are retrospectives from execs in the meeting. This one came a week ago from Jeff Malek, the CTO and co-founder of BigDoor. They’ve been on a tear lately and are in the process of a massive set of Q1 launches for new customers.  We had a solid […]
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Great Board Meetings

Oct 05 2011
I’ve had a string of great board meetings lately. They all had several similar attributes. There were no powerpoint slides: While each company has a substantive monthly reporting package, this was decoupled from the board meeting. I got my taste of financials, metrics, qualitative stuff, and whatever else the CEO wanted me to see on […]
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Abolish Board Meeting Update Calls

Jun 23 2011
I had a board update call recently that inspired me to write the first of my Reinventing the Board Meeting posts. The call was for a company that is doing great, is extremely well managed, and extraordinarily transparent. Two days before the call a very detailed update package was sent around to the board. It […]
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Joining The Reinventing The Board Meeting Bandwagon

Jun 07 2011
I hate board meetings. I probably have 100 per year which means I’ve gone to well over 1,500 of the past 15 years (I’m sure the number is much higher). The vast majority are excruciatingly inefficient – three to four hours that could be handled in 45 minutes. And even then, it’s unclear that the […]
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