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Offline blogging is email

May 14, 2004
Category Writing

I woke up this morning thinking that it should be easy to blog offline via email. I already read my blogs offline via Newsgator. Why can’t I simply send an email to my blog on Typepad. I popped up Typepad, hit my Control Panel, and voila – you can through their Edit my mobile settings shortcut. This blog is being posted offline via email. I can now post via my Danger Hiptop or offline email when I’m travelling. This is both simple and synchronistic (I love it when I wake up thinking of something techy and it’s trivial to do). The only drag is Microsoft Word – where rather than generating HTML for me correctly, I end up having to insert the href (HTML codes) automatically. I didn’t do it for italics – if “Edit my mobile settings” is italicized above, then Word (and typepad) did the write thing – if not – then not.