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Company News: Stratify Unveils Next-Generation Electronic Discovery Service for Law Firms and In-House Counsel

Jun 08, 2004
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 8, 2004– Stratify, Inc., a leader in unstructured data management for business applications, today announced the launch of Stratify Legal Discovery Service 3.0 solution for law firms and corporate legal departments. The explosion of discoverable information in legal proceedings challenges attorneys to move beyond labor-intensive search techniques that needlessly increase costs and analysis periods. With the Stratify Legal Discovery Service product attorneys can intelligently comprehend the document universe, efficiently tag, review and produce documents, and accelerate and fortify early case assessment and advanced risk analysis for their clients. Providing intelligent concept-based foldering, integrated search and filtering, and email traffic analysis, the Stratify Legal Discovery Service solution enables attorneys to develop, test and execute winning strategies faster based on an early mastery of the facts in a case.

Stratify Legal Discovery Service 3.0 delivers the most powerful end-to-end electronic discovery solution on the market for both law firms and in-house counsel. At the heart of the service is Stratify’s unique technology for electronic data discovery currently in use within the U.S. intelligence community as well as large-scale publishing and oil and gas companies. Stratify processes all data (including metadata) extracted from any supplied media, including hard-drives, backup tapes, email, CD/DVDs, and hard-copy records, creates concept-based folders uniquely representative of the specific case issues from the universe of discoverable documents and records, and then automatically sorts each document into relevant concept-based folders. These concept-based folders provide attorneys an intuitive understanding of the document universe, enabling them to immediately focus on relevant facts and expedite their analysis and case assessment.

“Stratify worked closely with AmLaw 100 firms to develop this new legal discovery service to enable litigators to better serve their clients,” said Ramana Venkata, Stratify’s President and CEO. “Our ability to quickly process massive amounts of data and automatically sort it into concept-based folders provides attorneys with a 360 degree view of complex litigation and regulatory matters, based on which they can more accurately assess the facts and develop the optimum strategy for their clients.”

Scalable in the extreme, the Stratify Legal Discovery Service product processes over 1,000,000 pages per day. Attorneys can quickly grasp the essence of a case even while their legal team continues to incrementally review and tag relevant documents. Because the concept-based folder organization efficiently culls out junk mail and irrelevant material, reviewers can immediately focus on the most relevant documents. Leveraging the concept-based folder organization of the document universe, the Stratify Legal Discovery Service solution provides a robust set of features for efficient document review and analysis, including:

– Attorneys and reviewers can search and filter the document universe using keywords and metadata including date, tags, senders and receivers to effortlessly focus their analysis on relevant documents
– Links to attachments are preserved and duplicate documents, both near and exact, are presented with every document, enabling attorneys to analyze changes and accelerate their document review
– Documents are displayed in over 225 native formats facilitating review of spreadsheet formulas, hidden columns, and document metadata
– Reviewers can efficiently tag documents from concept folders or search results, and annotate and assign them to work folders for subsequent attorney analysis
– Email traffic is analyzed for senders, receivers and custodians enabling legal teams to reconstruct communications on key issues and find critical documents

The Stratify Legal Discovery Service is an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution hosted at a secure data facility in San Jose, California. Legal teams can securely access their data over the Internet from anywhere, at anytime, as well as contact dedicated Stratify technical support personnel. Stratify supports clients through every phase of document review and analysis, assigning a personal project manager experienced in litigation support operations and a dedicated support team for each case. Stratify maintains complete audit trails and logs of all operations performed in the data center, as well as all user actions that take place within the application interface.

Stratify, Inc.

Stratify is a leader in Legal Discovery and unstructured data management software. The Stratify Legal Discovery Service is an ASP solution that combines a complete eDiscovery application with our leading-edge technology to enable attorneys to accelerate case assessment, strategy development and analysis using unparalleled analytical and discovery capabilities; litigation teams to process large volumes of discovery documents combining efficiency and quality within a complete eDiscovery workflow; and Legal IT to leverage Stratify’s secure, scalable architecture with minimal infrastructure investment. The Stratify Discovery System is a complete enterprise software platform that helps enterprises harness today’s vast amount of corporate information by automating the process of organizing, categorizing and acting on the business-critical, unstructured information that is usually found in documents, presentations and Web pages to provide them Intelligence-at-a-Glance.(TM)

Founded in September 1999, Stratify is a privately held company that has received funding from Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital), and In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA. Named as one of the 100 KM Companies That Matter for the second consecutive year by KM World in 2003, Stratify is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about Stratify, please visit

Stratify, Inc.
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