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Rally Software Development Ships v1 – On-demand solution for Agile software development

Jun 30, 2004
Category Investments

Rally Software – which we funded with Boulder Ventures in October 2003 – just shipped their first product. Nine months from startup funding to v1 – not bad!

Rally provides an on-demand subscription service for Agile software development. I’ve written a little about Agile software development in the past – we’re finding many of our software companies are adopting various Agile development approaches. The “on-demand subscription service” is a key attribute of Rally’s product family – rather than heavy upfront licensing fees for software development tools, a customer can quickly and cost-effectively begin using Rally’s products.

If you or your company is using or considering Agile software development, I encourage you to take a look at what Rally’s products can do for you. If you are in the business of providing Agile products and services, consider becoming part of Rally’s ecosystem.