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Google should send their IPO emails on a Monday

Aug 10, 2004
Category Investments

Return Path just issued an Email Delivery Index research brief based on data they collected from 16,000 email campaigns representing 3.4m email messages over a four month period. They discovered that the best day to do an email campaign is Monday as delivery rates can be up to 10% greater.

Apparently much of Google’s IPO information will be disseminated via email. The expected concern about emails being blocked and spoofed immediately come to mind, as I’m sure all the phishers are out in force trying to figure out how to scam people on the back of Google.

We’ve got several companies in our portfolio – specifically Return Path and Postini – that are doing great work to try to address all the problems surrounding the email ecosystem. It’ll be fascinating to watch how the emails concerning the most visible IPO of 2004 get handled given the radically different approach Google is taking.

Google should definitely ask Morgan Stanley to send out the first batch of emails on a Monday.