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NewsGator Now Provides RSS Feeds for University Wire Content

Aug 18, 2004
Category Investments

We invested in NewsGator in June and Greg Reinacker and crew have been hard at work building out the next generation of NewsGator for Outlook and NewsGator Online Services (NGOS).

NewsGator is now providing RSS feeds for University Wire (U-WIRE) content as part of NGOS. U-WIRE is a free membership organization for the college press. As many as 300 student-produced stories are gathered and edited every day by U-WIRE’s staff, then made available to nearly 700 college media outlets. Their daily feed is a collection of the best news, opinion, entertainment and sports content produced by the nation’s college newspapers.

This is the second premium content offering NewsGator has announced this month – the other is with Leadership Development Expert Gene Mage. Look for more premium content coming soon.