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The Sidekick II is almost here

Sep 01, 2004
Category Investments

I’m a cell phone junkie.  For years, I switched every six months or so as the newest thing came out and I had to try it. 

I’ve been in love with my Sidekick since the first one came out.  Now – it’s one of our investments – so I was obviously biased to liking it – but I loved it.  Nine months ago I got an early beta of the Sidekick II.  I’ve been using it since and it’s incredible.  My beta model has a lot of miles (and minutes) on it and it’s held up extremely well as both a phone and a data / email device.  I’m still in love (to the extent you can be in love with an inanimate object, which the nerds in the crowd understand, but my wife Amy doesn’t and just looks at me with amusement whenever I say something like that.)

Mark Cuban – of and the Dallas Mavericks fame – just wrote a rave review of his new Sidekick II.  He feels the same way I do – “To all you corporo types out there that like the Blackberry, you have no idea what productivity is like ‘till you play with one of these bad-boys.”

To all the folks at Danger and T-Mobile – congrats on an amazing new Sidekick.