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Trick Anything Toilet

Sep 30, 2004
Trick Anything Toilet

Trick Anything Toilet,
originally uploaded by bfeld.

I love toilets. One of my primary criterias for evaluating office space is to go to the mens room and check it out – it’s a great indicator of how the landlord thinks about his building (and his tenants.)

I have one of those amazing Toto Washlet C100’s and even Amy now reveres my throne.

I came across this Trick Anything Toilet on Engaget. Something new an exciting to lust after.

Plus – a good excuse to try the flickr / Movable Type integration and see if it actually works (if this looks like a “clean” post, it did – although there is no place to put my category (oops)).

Note: Some post-Post editing required within MT Edit Entry – the flickr post works, but it’s not perfect