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End of Year Spouse Questions

Dec 24, 2004

Amy and I go out together for “life dinner” on the first day of every month. We spend dinner reflecting on the previous month, thinking about the month to come, and grounding ourselves in our relationship in the midst of our active lives.

A friend of ours sent the following list of questions that he and his wife sit down and talk through every year. It’s a great list and will be the subject of at least one dinner next week (ok – the reading question might need its own evening.) I thought it was worth sharing.

  • What were the significant events of the year?
  • What were my accomplishments?
  • What trips did I take?
  • Who was I closest to?
  • What significant reading did I do?
  • What gave me joy?
  • In what ways did I grow?
  • What personal gifts did I use to serve this year?
  • What did I learn this year?
  • What in my life is dying (literally or figuratively)?
  • What in my life is rising (literally or figuratively)?
  • What are my goals for the next year?