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Ryan McIntyre – Another VC Blogger

Dec 10, 2004

Ryan McIntyre – who works with me at Mobius – has started blogging. Ryan’s a great friend and collegue and – even though he went to Stanford – I still put up with him.

Ryan co-founded Excite and saw the Internet first hand through inception to boom and then to bust. In addition to having a real clue about search and other Internet infrastructure (as evidenced by his investments in Postini and Technorati), he spends a lot of time digging into advanced semiconductor applications – which are things I’m mostly clueless about (such as Akustica, Glimmerglass, and Microdisplay) – but I am always entertained by the pictures of really tiny things Ryan shows me.

The words of my partner Greg Galanos – who someday will have a blog even though he claims he doesn’t want one – “Hey Ryan, welcome to the Blogosphere.”