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Jan 21, 2005

Fortunately for my wife Amy, she’s aware that I’m a 15 year old boy trapped in a 39 year old’s body.  So – when Netflix delivers Caddyshack to us, she let me watch it on a Friday night after I’ve worked much too hard, exercised too much (and still struggled to get all the weight off), and been entirely too serious for the past five days (ok – as serious as I get about anything – which isn’t that serious since I am really a 15 year old after all.)

In 1980, I saw Caddyshack about 10 times (I think the only movie I saw more frequently was Star Wars, but I was only 12 then so I can be forgiven since I hadn’t yet matured enough to have perspective.)  God only knows (and he’s the only one I’ll ever tell) how many times I’ve seen Caddyshack since, although it totals a number close to my current age.  I hadn’t seen it in a while (where “a while” is obviously relative) and it was a delight.  I even noticed Amy sneaking looks and laughing at the antics of Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Chevy Chase (wow – what a cast for 1980 comedy.)

I feel much better (and younger) then I did at 5:30 this evening.