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PeopleSoft Testing and Oracle Migration

Jan 03, 2005
Category Investments

Ah – it’s the first business day of 2005 and time for new product announcements.

Newmerix announced the release of their newest version of Automate!Test for PeopleSoft. Newmerix has been working on a series of packaged application optimization, change, and quality software products. The first platform they’ve released products for is PeopleSoft (and – if you’ve been alive the past few months – you’ll quickly guess that the next platform is Oracle.)

One of the cool parts of this new release is that Newmerix’s Automate!Test product uses proprietary technology to “synchronize” a test suite against PeopleSoft metadata. This dramatically increases the modification and usability of the test suites as you change your PeopleSoft environment, as your test suites will synchronize with changes to the PeopleSoft metadata. If you map this concept to Oracle’s environment (which Newmerix is working on), you’ll be able to both preserve your existing test scripts as well as understand clearly the impact the migration path from PeopleSoft products to Oracle products will have on your business.

When Oracle announced their initial offer for PeopleSoft 18 months ago, several VCs that were considering investing in Newmerix backed away because they were “worried” about what this meant for PeopleSoft. Our assertion then was that this would create a huge opportunity for companies like Newmerix since their relevance is directly tied to the development, upgrade, and migration cycle for products from packaged application companies like PeopleSoft and Oracle. 18 months later, I feel stronger then ever that this is the case.