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Quentin Tarantino is a God

Jan 08, 2005

I just watched two Tarantino movies from 1994 that have held up incredibly well.

Friday night’s bloodfest was Natural Born Killers.  I had forgotten Tarantino wrote the story – Oliver Stone got all the glory on this one.  Woody Harrelson is unbelievable and – a decade later – the movie matches the evening news more than I’d ever care to have imagined.

Tonight, we watched Pulp Fiction.  I’ve only seen this movie about 30 times (a few less then Caddyshack) and I was delighted to find the script on the Internet.  My favorite scene is the the one when Butch (the boxer played by Bruce Willis) has finally reconciled with Marsellus after blowing away Zed and Maynard and is trying to get Fabian on the chopper to get out of town.  Fabian starts to cry and the following dialogue ensues.

BUTCH: I’m sorry, baby-love.

FABIAN: (crying) You were gone so long, I started to think dreadful thoughts.

BUTCH: I’m sorry I worried you, sweetie.  Everything’s fine.  Hey, how was breakfast?

FABIAN: (waterworks drying a little) It was good —

BUTCH: — did you get the blueberry pancakes?

FABIAN: No, they didn’t have blueberry pancakes, I had to get buttermilk — are you sure you’re okay?

BUTCH: Baby-love, from the moment I left you, this has been without a doubt the single weirdest day of my entire life.  Climb on an’ I’ll tell ya about it.

Fabian does climb on.  Butch STARTS her up.

FABIAN: Butch, whose motorcycle is this?

BUTCH: It’s a chopper.

FABIAN: Whose chopper is this?

BUTCH: Zed’s.

FABIAN: Who’s Zed?

BUTCH: Zed’s dead, baby, Zed’s dead.

And with that, the two lovebirds PEEL AWAY on Grace, as the SONG on the BOOM BOX RISES.

I empathize with Butch.

While I always have thought I wanted to be The Wolf when I grew up, I turned out to be Marsellus when I took the “What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?” survey. 

Your name alone strikes fear into others; but maybe, just maybe, there’s a little vulnerability and weakness beneath that stoic, fierce exterior of yours.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.