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Stratify Announces a Transformation Channel Deal With Merrill Corporation for Their Legal Discovery Product

Feb 02, 2005
Category Investments

On Monday, Stratify announced release 5.0 of their Stratify Legal Discovery product.  This is a major product release for them, as it incorporates a raft of new features and gives them a huge technology leadership position in the legal discovery software market.

Today – Stratify announced that Merrill Corporation – the leading global supplier of diversified communications and document services – has signed a partnership to integrate Stratify’s products with Merill’s Discovery Navigator (Merrill’s proprietary electronic repository technology).  Merrill is a huge established service provider to top law firms and Fortune 100 companies and this type of deal is – in the words of my partner Rex Golding – a classic transformational channel deal. 

If you sell enterprise software and services, you have to have partnerships like this to be successful.  Our company Cyanea is a poster child for this – they had an OEM deal with IBM early in their life which had a dramatic positive impact on their growth and ultimately resulted in IBM acquiring them for a very nice price due to the success and customer adoption of Cyanea’s products. These partnerships must work both ways – Merrill sees huge value in Stratify’s product (we’ve been through an extended and deep evaluation period where we were chosen over other companies) – and Stratify is delighted to be part of Merrill’s toolkit that they sell to their customers.