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The Gates

Feb 16, 2005

Several friends have been raving about The Gates.  My mom – the artist – just sent me an email saying it was an amazing installation and I had to look at the web site.  I love Christo and HUGE art pieces – they overwhelm me in a weird emotional way (Amy and I have a large installation of Jerry Wingren’s The Visitors outside our bedroom window that I wake up to everyone morning.)  As a kid, I could sit and stare at the Claes Oldenberg sculpture in the Dallas Museum of Art forever.

Amy’s in San Francisco with her artist friend Theresa Chong looking at the amazing Lichtenstein exhibit at SFMOMA and playing up in Napa with collectors of Theresa’s art, so I’m home alone tonight and could take my time looking at the web site for The Gates.

It’s awesome.  I’ve decided to make a special trip to NY in the next month just to wander around and soak it up.