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Today’s Best Throne – The Toto Neorest 600 (According to Wired)

Mar 03, 2005
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I love my Toto Washlet S100.  But – my friend Scott Moody just sent me an email that has made me lust for something new – the Toto Neorest 600.  According to Wired, following are a few of the features of tomorrow’s paperless office.

  • Integrated bidet: An adjustable, targeted spray plus a warm-air dryer means the end of toilet paper.
  • Smart Flush: Sensors in the bowl detect the amount and type of waste and adjust water volume for each person and every flush.
  • Sleek design: Computer-modeled curves and wider trapways mean better carry-out of waste and a cleaner bowl.
  • Clever seat: The lid raises as you approach; sensors under the seat detect whether you sit down – and the seat goes up if you don’t.
  • Health monitor: A lab-on-a-chip checks waste for cholesterol levels and scans for signs of illness. Results are emailed to medical technicians.
  • Better plumbing: A link to the household mainline, combined with a sophisticated array of valves, allows less water to do the same work.