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2 Billion Served

Apr 04, 2005
Category Investments

One of my companies – Quova – just had a month where they served over 2 billion queries from their customers.  That’s 64m queries / day (or 750 / second) – a huge milestone (double what 1 billion was <g>) and actually represents less than half of the actual queries since this only counts customers of Quova’s that have query logging turned on.  Real time IP geolocation matters to a lot of people.

Non-financial numeric milestones are fun to track and always highly motivating for the team.  I remember clearly the day Raindance did more than 1 million of conferencing minutes and then several months later broke the 1.5 million mark.  There are patches where the growth curve becomes non-linear for a while and understanding what drives this (and all other growth dynamics) is very helpful to determining what to do to maintain and continue growth.