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Colorado In April

Apr 11, 2005
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I live in the mountains outside of Boulder.  Once a year, every spring, for the last 10 years (since I moved here in 1995), I get snowed in for one to four days (the four day snow in included complete loss of power for three days, no water (since everything in our house is electric), no heat (electric), and no fridge / freezer (fortunately we had tons of snow to serve as our natural icebox.)

It started snowing late Saturday night and finished early Monday morning.  When it was done, I had 30 inches at my house, DIA shut down all afternoon Sunday and I cancelled my trip for the week to hunker down and – in the words of REO Speedwagon – I’ve been Ridin’ The Storm Out.

My dogs love the snow.  Since it’s now 50 degrees outside and the snow is receding, you don’t get the full early morning view (I didn’t have my camera act together – but trust me – it was massive.) 






The view from my bedroom window gives you a better feel for the magnitude of it (after a bunch had melted from the mountains already – including anything on a brick surface.)






It’ll be 60 degrees tomorrow and I expect all the white stuff will be gone and replaced with mud.