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Apr 08, 2005

There are an increasing number of high profile CTO bloggers appearing, including Adam Bosworth, Greg Papadopoulos, and Grady Booch.  Two close friends and CTO’s / founders of companies that I’ve funded have recently started blogging.  While they are not as high profile, they are intensely smart and articulate guys that have had a lot of success and a wide range of experiences.  Plus, they know each other, like each other, and have plenty of dirt on me.

Todd Vernon is the CTO of Raindance.  I was one of the seed investors of Raindance and on the board from inception until about two years after they went public.  Todd and his partners Paul Berberian and Jim Lejeal (now CEO of Oxlo – another company we’ve funded) were the architects behind the business. I’ll always treasure the first time I heard Todd refer to a major technical thing as “full of chocolately goodness.”

Tim Wolters was the CTO of Dante Group, which was acquired in 2003 by webMethods.  We were first round investors in Dante and were pleasantly surprised when webMethods acquired the company six months later.  Tim spent the last 15 months at webMethods insuring that the Dante technology and products were successfully integrated into webMethods and recently left to start working on his next big idea.  Tim just put up a post describing his desire to blog about the process of creating his new company – if you are an entrepreneur, it’s bound to be filled with plenty of good stuff.

Welcome guys.