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Denver Art Museum – Rich Dula’s Structural Steel @ The William Havu Gallery

Apr 19, 2005

Amy and I have been collecting contemporary art for a number of years.  If you’ve even been to our house, my office, or The Nature Conservancy in Boulder, you’ve seen some of our collection.  I attribute this vice to my mom the artist, who always had a great eye for art and surrounded me with it from a very early age.

We’re also big supporters of the Denver Art Museum and are hugely excited about the new Hamilton Building by Daniel Libeskind.  So excited that when we heard from a friend of a showing at The William Havu Gallery of several paintings by Rick Dula of the museum under construction, we bought one.

There was a great article on tax day about the show and Dula’s work as it pertains to the Hamilton Building in the Rocky Mountain News article titled On the edge of hyperrealism.   If you are in Denver and into (a) art, (b) the Hamilton Building, and (c) things that get you “culture points”, swing by The William Havu Gallery and check out the exhibit – tell Nick Ryan I sent you.