Apr 13 2005

Gruntled – New Word of the Day

I’ve gotten plenty of humorous feedback on my post about abolishing the words traction, space, and thrilling from my vocabulary.  Someone asked why I was so mean to words – although this was someone who prefaces each major point he makes with “to tell you the truth” (no, please don’t tell me the truth – lie to me.)

The best note so far was from Ryan Sabga, the CEO of RideonTime.com who donated a really cool scooter to the Boulder Philharmonic Fundraiser we had on Saturday.  He said:

Why not try and introduce a new word to the VC world? I have yet to hear someone mentioned how “gruntled” they are, as in, “great work negotiating that contract, Saunders. I’m positively gruntled.” Sure, I hear “disgruntled” just about every day but what about it’s shorter, stockier antonym? That guy gets ignored more than the high school quarterback at a Back Street Boys back stage party. I think that perhaps you have a higher purpose, and that’s to introduce the world to your buddy “gruntled.”

I’m definitely gruntled by this – thanks Ryan!