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Speaking of Platforms – StillSecure VAM and Scanners

Apr 19, 2005
Category Investments

I’m thrilled excited about the progress StillSecure has been making.  Raj Bhargava – the CEO – and I have done five companies together in the last decade (going back to our first one – NetGenesis) and I love working with the guy.  StillSecure had an awesome year last year, but Raj saw an opportunity to meaningfully expand StillSecure’s footprint by building out a “security management platform”, rather than a series of “security point solution products.”  StillSecure is starting from a position of having several of the best and hottest products in the segments they play in, so expanding the footprint to be more of a platform is a logical step.

StillSecure VAM – the “vulnerability management” component of the product line provides a superb stand alone vulnerability remediation product.  However, StillSecure went a step further and built a VAM Integration Framework to be able to incorporate VAM into any existing IT infrastructure and rather than serve as a stand alone product, it becomes the central command and control center for all vulnerability–related activities.

Today, StillSecure announced two vulnerability scanner connectors – one for ISS Internet Scanner and one for eEye Retina.  If you are an existing ISS or eEye customer, you can now integrate it with the StillSecure VAM Framework and use the two products together, leveraging existing investments in the ISS and eEye products.

You’ll continue to see this “platform” theme from many of my companies – I like the way John and Rich describe it and its a natural strategy for many of the things I like to invest in.