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Books: Cold Service – Time to Go Brush My Teeth

May 03, 2005
Category Books

I’ve been reading Friedman’s The World Is Flat but I keep getting distracted by mental floss as all of my favorite writers release their summer junk. I got sucked into Stuart Woods’ Two Dollar Bill on a flight home on Friday; today it was Robert Parker’s latest Spenser (and Hawk) novel Cold Service.

I like Spenser, I adore Susan, but I want to come back as Hawk in another life (combining Hawk, Jack Bauer, and Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar would be sweet.)  Cold Service is way more about Hawk than about Spenser, which is fun for a change.  Denver to Seattle and back equals one book and it was fun.  Time to go brush my teeth, eat my Wheaties, and finish off The World Is Flat.