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Feedburner Implements Google Adsense in Feeds

May 25, 2005
Category Investments

On 4/26/05, Feedburner announced support for Google AdSense ads in Feedburner feeds.  I heard from a few skeptics stuff like “yeah right – when will this actually happen?”

Today (one month later), Feedburner has put this functionality into production.  If you have a Google AdSense account (like I do), it takes two minutes (two check boxes and one piece of data) to implement Google ads in your feeds.  It’s still “beta” (at both Google and Feedburner) so there will probably be some stuff to shake out, but it’s trivial to turn on and ready to go.

I love web services.  No six to twelve month product release cycles anymore.  You come up with something important – it’s ready to roll in 30 days or less.