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Congressman Mark Udall’s (CO) Perfect Score on Breast Cancer

Jun 11, 2005
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I’m a good friend and strong supporter of Congressman Mark Udall (Colorado District 2).  I saw a note in today’s Rocky Mountain News that Mark got a perfect score on from the National Breast Cancer Coalition on his support of their interests in 2003 – 2004.

A close friend and former work colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago.  She’s young (under 40) and it shook us all up.  She had an incredible attitude, went through a full round of chemo and a double masectomy, and is now cancer free.  Amy and I had lunch with her on Thursday – she’s doing great and has a phenomenal outlook on life.  This was my first close encounter with breast cancer and as the more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew about a disease that each woman in the US has a 14% chance of getting in her lifetime.

Thanks Mark for your point of view, tireless efforts and support to help end breast cancer.