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Give Me A Clue

Jun 21, 2005

I had a nice response to my I Don’t Get Podcasting – Yet post where a number of folks responded privately – both trying to give me a clue as well as sending deals my way.  On my run today, while listening to Postively 10th Street (happy 18th anniversary Fred and Joanne – Chai) and Mass Hysteria, I was thinking about the new investments I’ve been looking at.  I’m working on one that I think will surprise people after I do it, and figure I’ve got one new deal left in me this year after that one.

I’m looking for anything email or RSS related (which – of course – in my lexicon includes podcasting and vlogging).  I’m completely stage agnostic (early, middle, late – it doesn’t matter to me.)  Feel free to give me a clue and send interesting stuff my way.