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Grasslands by Michael Beggs (Grade 10)

Jun 28, 2005
Category Government

I’m on the board of the Colorado Conservation Trust.  I think it’s currently the most impactful environmental conservation based organization in Colorado – I am so enthusiastic about it that I merged a non-profit environmental organization that I helped start – the Front Range Alliance – into CCT last year and joined the CCT board.  CCT is continuing the mission of the Front Range Alliance with the Front Range Mountain Backdrop initiative.

One of the really fun projects that CCT did last year (at the request of one of our major donors) was to hold a high school video essay contest.  The winner – 10th grader Michael Beggs of Boulder High School – produced a remarkable video titled “Grasslands”.  Second place was titled “Oil and Gas Development on the Roan Plateau” and third place was “Eurasian Milfoil – A Non-Native Grass that is Polluting Colorado’s Rivers and Streams.”

If you are conservation minded, you should be pleased that we are “growing them young” here in Colorado.