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In A Different Light – Cecelia Feld Art at the Mesquite Arts Center

Jun 02, 2005

Amy and I have a large collection of contemporary art (if you’ve ever been to my office, our house, Mobius’s California office, or The Nature Conservancy building in Boulder, you’ll get a feel for what we collect.)  Much of my love for art was inspired by my mom – the artist.  I’m always super proud of her whenever she has a show.  If you are in Mesquite, TX (near Dallas) between June 1 and July 7 and are into art, go check out her new show at the Mesquite Arts Center. 

Following is Echos 2 by 2 as a preview.  The show is a collection of work she’s done using a solarplate etching process. The show – called In A Different Light – is inspired by the notion that “to see a detail is to see one kind of reality.  Allusions to natural forms through lines, shapes, textures and colors shift that reality toward abstraction, a different kind of reality.  Light playing across forms, lines suggesting the edges where objects meet and the spaces in between objects create the abstract image.”