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More on Bathrooms and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Jun 20, 2005

Over the weekend, I wrote about the top 10 bathrooms in the world according to Wallpaper* magazine.  A similarly obsessed reader pointed me to’s list of the top 100 urinals in the world.  Both of the lists left off my personal favorite, which until this point has remained incognito.  Pictures follow:

In addition, the toilet paper has the following Non-Disclosure Agreement printed on it (which is – like many non-disclosure agreements – worth the paper it’s printed on.)

Bathroom Services and Non-Disclosure and Non-Disparagement Agreement

By tearing this piece of paper, you have acknowledged performing a Certain Rectal Activity Properly (a “Crap”) or a Perfunctory Insignificant Standing Stream (a “Piss”). In consideration of your Crap and / or your Piss, as applicable, and in consideration of the usage of this bathroom (the “Politically Incorrect Loo”), you hereby agree to the following:

  1. Disclosure of the décor of Politically Incorrect Loo to members of the “fairer” sex shall be strictly prohibited;
  2. Disparagement, criticism and any negative comments regarding the either of your hosts, this evening’s entertainment and / or food is also strictly prohibited. Classless comments about other guests are encouraged, however; and
  3. While this may be a Politically Incorrect Loo and you have just completed your Crap and / or your Piss, you are expected to clean up after yourself!

Violation of any of the above shall be subject to the applicable laws of this jurisdiction, or the unilateral discretion of the hosts’ gun collection.

– Juan B. Rawkstar, Esq.

Who said blogs weren’t fun?  I’m always a little uncomfortable in this bathroom since guns make me more nervous than horses do, but I’ve gotten used to it.